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Hey!! Welcome to The Sprouse Zone! The site where you will find tons of information and pics of everyone's favorite set of twins Cole & Dylan Sprouse! This is my first web page that I have made so everyone just bare with me on this and please if you have any questions or comments on what you would like to see on here then just email me and let me know! I hope you all enjoy my page and will come back frequently because this page will be updated all the time!!

Who are Cole & Dylan Sprouse you ask?? They are the cutest set of twins I have ever seen! They played young Julian in the movie "Big Daddy". So if you still have no idea who I am talking about then don't worry! There is plenty of information on them so that you can get to know them and tons of pics so that you will know exactly what they look like so that you can spot them anywhere!


What's New?

7-19: Well, I have just put up my page! There's not a whole lot on it yet but I will fix that as soon as possible! I hope you enjoy!
7-22: I have added a few more pics of the boys so I hope you enjoy them. Don't worry though there are tons more to come!!

If you have any questions or comments regarding my site please feel free to email me!

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